pompom makers

These guys make pompoms creation a question of minutes! Really handy if you often knit hats or just need a lot of pompoms in your life (why not?). I use the smallest ones for baby clothes decoration.
My are from Clover, sold in pairs, sizes large and extra small.
Price: $4 and u

Needle Point Protectors

I use point protectors all the time! They are especially handy on the go. Protectors secure the stitches from slipping off the needle and keep your knitting safe. 
I have a little bit from everywhere, as I lose them all the time. Haven't noticed any difference between the ones that cost $4/pair and the ones that are $1/dozen.

Stitch Markers

The more, the merrier! Markers can be used to mark the beginning of a round, a pattern repeat, where to make a decrease/increase, and so much more. 
I use safety pins and metal rings from H&M (because they are golden and no one can prohibit this!), as I'm not a big fan of plastic accessories. I also made myself a BOR marker using a key charm.
Price: from $0 if you have some extra safety pins and rings :)


yarn swift

This is a life saver if you use a lot of yarn that comes in hanks or skeins. I picked one with the Amish design as it's much more sturdy than umbrella swifts. Also, unlike them, it can be placed on any surface, even on the floor, and there's no need to secure it. Four pegs can be moved and adjusted to the size of a yarn hank. 
My is from ChiaoGoo. Love the quality and how easily it can be taken apart for storage.
Price: $16 and up for umbrella, $30 and up for Amish style.


Yarn ball winder

Really handy tool to wind your yarn. I mostly use it at the same time with the yarn swift, but it also helps a lot with other winding tasks. For example, you can unwind a ball into two equal parts just in several minutes. Yarn winder produces compact center-pull balls that are easy to store and to use. You can knit in two threads from one ball, pulling yarn both from the center and from the outer surface. 
My is from KnitPicks, and I picked it just because of color, as most of others on the market are made of strange yellowish plastic. So far so good.
Price: $20 and up.


Blocking Mats and Pins

I use these to block almost everything from lace to sweaters. Puzzle-styled pieces can be assembled in almost any shape you need, and foam structured material takes place of towels :) I have 9 square pieces and for some shawls this is not enough, so I'm going to buy more.
My are from KnitPicks (color choice again!), but I'm pretty sure they all are almost the same.
Price: $4.50/1 piece, much cheaper if bought as a set.