Knitting without tears book review

Knitting Without Tears

Elizabeth Zimmermann

"Knitting Without Tears" was in my to-read list for quite a long time. And now I regret not having read it earlier! This book has dozens of elegant solutions for everyday knitters' problems, it is loaded with tips and tricks and spiced with good old British humor.
The style of writing is definitely non-encyclopedic. It feels more like a kitchen conversation with granny, who decided to share some of the secrets of her craft with you.
To sum it up, I would just say this is the best knitting-related book I've read so far.

Highly recommended!

Knitwear design Carol Brown book review

Knitwear design

Carol Brown

This book won't teach you how to knit. But it's a great source of inspiration! 
Lots of strategies and ideas on how to find your style, how to create something absolutely new,  how to play with different fibers and textures.
I especially like its step-by-step structure. The book is full of illustrations, moodboards, and photos of amazing knits.
If you like this kind of reading and enjoy high quality typography, "Knitwear Design" is a must! 

Highly recommended!

Knitting the perfect fit Melissa Leapman book review

Knitting the perfect fit

Melissa Leapman

I always loved to knit fitted items. Oversized sweaters are nice, but I feel much more comfortable in feminine knits.
This book unravels a lot of secrets of ideal garment shaping. You will find recommendations and tutorials not only for all possible increases/decreases, but also for picking the right shape of knits for different figures.
There are more than a dozen of patterns in the book except for technical stuff. I haven't tried a single one yet, but you never know! :) 


Knitting books with patterns

Patterns inspiration

From time to time I buy (or get as a gift) books and brochures with knitting patterns. I rarely use them for knitting my garments, as it's more interesting for me to create something new than to duplicate an already existing design.
But such books are often a nice source of new ideas and inspiration. You can see a new texture, an interesting color combination, some unusual use of usual techniques, and so on. They are also a great read for getting into the world of writing patterns!