These legwarmers can be ideal companions both for long walks in the woods or around the city and for charming evenings in the cozy nook with a book and a cup of hot chocolate.

They are very warm due to the stranded colorwork, which doubles the worsted weight yarn. A bit of shaping and two cuffs guarantee the comfortable fit.

Such leg warmers are a perfect choice for last-minute Christmas knits, as you can make a pair in just two days – but they look like they take way more effort.



  • Main Color: BettaKnit Merino Superwash (100% superwash merino; 3.5oz/100g, 218yds/200m), color Strawberry (dark red), appr. 3.2oz/90g, 0.9 balls
  • Second Color: Rowan Pure Wool Worsted (100% superwash wool; 3.5oz/100g, 218yds/200m), color 102 (cream), appr. 1.75oz/50g, 0.5 balls
  • Any other worsted weight yarn will work fine.


  • US 6 /4 mm, or the size needed to fit the gauge
  • Circular needles for magic loop method or
    a set of 5 DPNs.


  • Stitch markers
  • Stitch holder (optional)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Pompom maker


  • 28 sts and 35 rows in 4”/10cm in Stockinette Stitch, blocked


  • 11.4”/29 cm - 14.5”/37cm  circumference at the leg (not stretched - stretched)
  • 9”/23cm - 11.8”/30cm in circumference at the ankle (not stretched - stretched)
  • 10”/26cm long (adjustable )


  • The leg warmers are knitted from the top down.

  • I used the magic loop method for knitting 2 leg warmers at a time, but you can knit them one by one as well. Use magic loop, a set of dpns, or any other desired method for knitting small circles.

  • Four pompoms are added to the sides of leg warmers for more polished and festive look. You can skip this step if desired.





Cast on 80 sts. with Main Color yarn (red in my case). Combine them in a round. PM to mark the beginning.

  • For magic loop method, divide stitches between two needles evenly: 40+40
  • For DPNs, divide stitches between four needles: 20+20+20+20


R1: (k1, p1) until the end of a round.
Repeat R1 for 12 rnds (appr. 1.5”/4cm) total or until the desired cuff length.


R1-17: knit by Chart.
R18: (k8 by patt, k2tog)x 8. 72sts left on the needles.
R19-44: knit by Chart.
R45: (k7 by patt, k2tog)x 8. 64sts left on the needles.
R46-65: knit by Chart.

If you want to change the length of the leg part, repeat or skip some of the sections from Chart.
For example, you can add 8 rows of fair isle using the pattern for R15-18 and then R28-31 once more at the end of the leg warmer. Or use the pattern until R53 and then go directly to R63 to subtract 10 rows.
Any combination will work, just remember to finish with Row 65 (one plain rnd of Main Color).



R1: (k1, p1) until the end of a round.
Repeat R1 for 12 rnds (appr. 1.5”/4cm) total or until the desired cuff length.


Cast Off using the tapestry needle or any other method, giving the elastic edge.
Cut the yarn with an appr. 8” (20cm) tail.
Wash the legwarmers in luke-warm water and block them. Weave in ends.

Braid the yarn of Main Color into two braids appr. 11.8”/30cm each.
Pull each braid through several stitches in the middle of R1 of the Leg Part (right below the Top Cuff) of two leg warmers. This will place the pompoms on the opposite side from the transition column of fair isle stitches.

Make 4 pompoms using a 1.5”/3.5cm pompom maker.  Attach one pompom at each end of the braids. Make a bow.




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