BaSic Two-Tones Hat


This is one of my easiest hat patterns. If you are just starting to explore the beautiful world of knitted hats, give this one a try!

Chunky yarn makes it a fast knit, and two-colored design gives endless possibilities for color combination. You can adjust the pattern to another yarn, change the size or length of the finished garment, add a pompom or skip this step (if someone can actually do that!).

I added photos of the process to make it more understandable. Links to the video tutorials will be added soon.



  • Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick&Quick (80% acrylic+20% wool, 6 oz./170g, 106 yds/97 m).
  • In natural white (Fisherman): 2.7oz./75g, in light blue (Glacier): 1.75oz./50g + 1oz./28g pompom
  • Possible yarn substitutions: KnitPicks Biggo, Loops&Threads Cozy Wool, Nako Spaghetti, YarnArt Alpine


  • US 10 1/2 (6.5mm)* circular needles for ribbing, length with the cord 16”/40cm
  • US 11 (8mm)* circular needles, length with the cord 16”/40cm
  • You might need to use the needles of one size up/down in order to obtain the same gauge. You can also use 5 double pointed needles instead of the circular ones.


  • 1 stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle
  • Pompom maker (optional)
  • Scissors


  • 11 sts and 17 rows in 4”/10cm in Stockinette stitch worked in rounds.


  • 8”/20cm high (can be changed to any desired)
  • Covers all the circumferences from 15”/37cm to 24”/60cm depending on how much stretched


  • Take the light blue yarn and US 10 1/2 (6.5mm)* circular needles. Cast on 55sts using Long Tail Cast On.
  • Combine them in a rnd, knitting the first and the last stitch together. 54sts left on the needles.
  • Place the marker to show BOR.
  • If you are using double pointed needles, divide sts on them as evenly as possible (for ex., 13, 14, 13, 14).  


  • (k1, p1) 27 times or until the BOR marker.
  • Repeat this rnd 7 more times to get a total of 8rnds of ribbing. Total height has to be approximately 2”/5cm. 


  • k all 54 sts along the next rnd on the same needles to make the ribbing more distinct.
  • After reaching the BOR marker, switch to US 11 (8mm) needles. k 4 more rnds. Total height has to be now appr. 3”/7.5-8cm.
  • Cut the light blue yarn and switch to the natural white.
  •  k 21 rnds. Total height has to be now appr. 8”/20cm.
  • Here, if you want your hat to be more high, you can keep knitting until the desired height (don’t forget that in this case you’ll need more white yarn).


  • In the next rnd, k2tog 27 times or until the BOR marker. 27sts left on the needles.
  • Cut the yarn leaving 8”/20cm tail. Insert the tail in a tapestry needle. 


  • Gather all 27sts on the tail of yarn with a tapestry needle. Pull the tail to tighten the hole. 
  • Make a pompom out of the light blue yarn. Attach it to the hat.
  • Weave in ends. Enjoy! 

This pattern has a page on Ravelry where you can get more inspiration and share your finished knits: